CakePHP, Laravel & Node.js

CakePHP & Laravel, an open-source PHP framework, is supported by over 500 000 devoted developers around the world, so it can guarantee that your application will be future-proof. And if you prefer to have one language for backend, frontend and mobile – we have Node.js professionals in the house.


React & Angular

It seems that a new JavaScript framework is released almost everyday but we prefer to use the most reliable ones. Both Angular and React are proven technologies – used by big companies and with a huge community of developers.


iOS & Android

By developing native mobile apps, we make sure that your product’s performance will be flawless. Our experienced iOS and Android teams are ready to create applications for both systems, allowing you to cover 99% of the market.


Software Development

We are capable to develop all kind of complex projects using .NET. Brainstorm, map out experiences, and drop in feedback—all in one space.

Technologies: .NET Framework (ASP.NET, MVC)



Tailored to your exact needs

You decide who exactly will be joining your team – maybe you need only a few developers or maybe a full-stack squad with designers and testers on board. Nevertheless, we always ensure that the team is:

  • Productive

Our professionals have been working together for a good while. That is why they know how to work closely as a team and, because of that, are very productive.


  • Easily scalable

If you decide that you need even more manpower, we can expand the team almost instantly. We are very good at finding new talents – all in all, we have grown to over 50+ people in just last 3 years.


  • Skilled & experienced

Our developers have years of experience under their belt. Capable of thinking out of the box, they know when to use the latest tech tools and when to stick to the conventional stuff. Apart from that, we use test-driven development to make sure that the software is future-proof.


  • Easy to manage

We follow the principles of agile software development and all of our developers speak English, so you are welcome to talk to anybody working on your app. But if you prefer otherwise, we have experienced project managers who can oversee the team for you.


  • Adaptable & agile

We love new challenges and this is why we can get into your project quickly, adapt to your practices and follow your guidelines. But if there is something we can improve, we will let you know for sure. We use Scrum in our daily processes.
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