Future of Digital Marketing Automation & Its Benefits in 2023

Technology and innovation are the key pillars for any industry to survive and thrive in today’s competitive world. Plain old marketing efforts are no longer sufficient. Before we delve into this further, let’s first understand how technology is changing the world for the better.

What is Automation?

According to the Oxford dictionary, the basic definition is “the use of machines instead of people to do work.”

Hence, using technology to reduce the amount of human intervention required for manual or repetitive tasks. It can streamline the processes, reduce turn-around time, and decrease costs.

Automation has been used widely in industrial, manufacturing, and factory units for many years, where most of the laborious tasks are done by machines. The world has now rapidly started to apply this technology to various other sectors and industries to speed up work and improve efficiency. Machine learning has played a crucial role in it, which we will discuss in this blog.

The Changing Landscape of Digital Marketing Automation

Digital Marketing Automation isn’t just limited to automating repetitive tasks anymore and reducing humans’ burden. It has a cognitive depth to it now, thanks to AI and machine learning.

AI isn’t an abstract idea anymore and has enabled AI-based online ads and other services that we use in our everyday lives without giving it much thought. From chatbots, smart home speakers like Alexa, internet streaming sites like Netflix, they are being used day-in-and-out to understand consumer behavior. Whether it’s your smartphone, car, bank, or house, the use of artificial intelligence is amplified.

Applying automation for offline marketing activities has its own set of limitations. Maybe you can automate your task flow and manage the database with CRM software although when it comes to hard-core online marketing activities like emails, social media, and advertising, automation is the only way to go about it.

Digital Marketing Automation

Digital marketing is not as simple and easy to execute as it looks. With the abundance of data available to all businesses but still unsure how to understand and predict those patterns and take actionable decisions, AI-based online ads can help a business process a whole new multitude of data touchpoints. It can understand all of the consumer interactions, and make accurate decisions about reaching them.

A lot of businesses use digital marketing extensively to generate higher ROAS at reduced costs. But this is no cakewalk. To leverage the data and achieve high ROI, you need to strategically align your marketing and sales objectives with the help of automation.

Marketing automation simply automates these tasks by integrating data and processes. The idea is to spend more time on strategic planning to achieve their business goals. With the use of automation, the increase in efficiency and lower turn-around time is a given bonus.

How Does Digital Marketing Automation Reduce Workload?

If you use various digital platforms regularly to run different types of campaigns, you would probably be aware by now of how much time you spend setting up and optimizing ad campaigns on each platform.

Imagine if there was a tool that would give you access to all digital channels from one place? Doesn’t it sound exciting!

Eight channels, one platform

A digital marketing platform designed for marketing departments and organizations to advertise and manage multiple ad campaigns for their channels more effectively. Automation for Facebook ads, Instagram, automation for Google ads, YouTube, etc.) from one place. Not only is it hassle-free advertising, but it also gives you the advantage of saving time with a shorter ad campaign set-up time.

AI-based custom audiences for online ads

The biggest challenge a marketer faces is to select the right audiences or keywords for its ad campaigns to perform. If the audiences selected are too broad or narrow, or keywords have a very low search volume, then your ad won’t appear in front of your target audience.

Audience selection for Facebook ads can get very confusing. Choosing sets based on interests, intent, and behavior can’t be guesswork. The same applies to Google search ads, competitor keywords and ranking has to be taken into consideration before setting up your keywords. Automation for Facebook ads and automation for Google ads can be simplified using our platform.

Imagine if a platform gives you custom-ready audiences for your business, products, or services in just a matter of a click! Automation with machine learning of historical data makes this happen. It analyses all the old campaigns to understand audience behavior and interests and then creates sets of audiences and keywords for different industries and businesses. All you have to do is select your business type, location, and demographics of your customer segment and the custom audience is ready for you!

Save Time and Money

With automation and digital advertising coming together, you can now save campaign set-up and management time with the help of constant bid and budget optimization of your ads. No more manual bidding and adjustments are required to achieve desired CPL or CPC. The platform automatically optimizes each campaign’s bids and budget to give you the best results.

This helps save time, but you can utilize your existing resources for something bigger and better. This way you don’t need an additional marketing resource and can save up on your marketing budget. The automation platform is your marketing specialist.

All the things mentioned above can be achieved from one platform called “Mediaqart.” It is an automated digital advertising platform that is a one-stop solution for all your marketing needs. Run ads on Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc. from a single dashboard and manage and track campaign results with our performance prediction analytics.

If you want your campaigns to get smarter and produce higher ROAS, then look for a smart platform to achieve your business goals. Do not wait too long to adopt automation for digital marketing. It is already transforming the way people work, and shortly it will be used by everyone.

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