The Ultimate Facebook Advertising Guide for Beginners

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites today. Besides, a networking site, it has become an important platform to connect with your buyers online.

Did you know 1.6 billion people worldwide are connected to a small business on Facebook?

Yes! Hence, if you know how to find your target audience for Facebook ads, it can be beneficial for your business.

If you’re wondering how to run ads on facebook and get paid for it through sales, here’s a step by step guide for you! It’s the best Facebook ads guide.

Facebook has advertising solutions for all types and sizes of businesses. And the best part is that you need not be an expert for running Facebook ad campaigns. You just have to follow some steps to get the desired results.

How to create Facebook ads

Before creating an ad campaign you will have to create a Facebook business page. Once you have created a business page you can run ads through Facebook Ads Manager or Business Manager.

To summarize, a website is a good starting point but it’s not enough in itself. Depending on your business and where your target audience spends most of their time, you need to add more firepower and diversify.

Let’s look at all the steps of how to make Facebook ads:

Step 1: Select your objective

Facebook ad objectives refer to your goal. It’s important to have a clear goal in mind if you want to understand how to make Facebook ads.

Facebook has designed its ad platform based on the consumer buying stages.

Based on your objective, Facebook ads can be divided into three main categories:

  1. Awareness Ads
  2. Consideration Ads
  3. Conversion Ads

Furthermore, there are 15 micro-objectives within these three ad categories.

Let us have a look at each of them. These are important in answering the question of how to create Facebook ads.

Awareness Ads

These ads are helpful to let your customers know about your company. The awareness ads offered by Facebook include:

Brand Awareness : Helpful in brand visibility.

Local Awareness : Effective for the discovery of your local business. Targeting options are limited as your goal here will be to increase awareness about your business within a specific locality or region.

Reach : Helpful in reaching the maximum number of customers possible.

Consideration Ads

Consideration Ads help your customers to think about your product or service. These ads are effective for your on-site content, including blogs, video testimonials, email newsletters, and coupons.

Types of consideration ads or objectives:

  • Website Traffic: For directing people to your website.
  • App Installs: For generating app installs.
  • Video Views: To get more views on your video.
  • Lead Generation: To get new leads for your product or service.
  • Messenger Ads: To be seen by your customers on Facebook Messenger.
  • Engagement: To increase engagement on your business page. This further, includes:
    • Page Likes: To increase your Facebook business page likes.
    • Post Engagement: For increasing engagement on a specific post.
    • Offer claims: For encouraging customers to claim your offer.
    • Event Responses: For encouraging people to attend your event.

Conversion Ads

Conversion ads are focused on encouraging customers to take action or purchase your product or service. The main objective here is to convert your prospects into clients. If you want to know how to run ads on facebook and get paid, this set of ads is crucial.

Types of conversion ads include:

  • Conversions: To drive action on your website.
  • Product Catalog Sales: To increase product sales.
  • Store Visits: Helps in increasing foot traffic to your store.

Step 1: Choose your objective

Login to your Facebook Ads Manager and choose the Campaigns tab.

Click on ‘Create’ to get started with your new Facebook ad campaign.

Now, you will have to select an objective for your ad. This means you can choose the end goal or the purpose behind advertising.

To select the right ad objective, decide what is the most important result you want to achieve from the ad. The result could be a download of your app, sales on your website, or increased brand awareness.

For instance, If you are a restaurant owner you can select ‘Offer ads’ as an objective and promote your festive special offers. This will encourage your customers to visit your restaurant or order online. This way you can boost your sales in festive seasons.

Similarly, if you run a beauty salon you can increase your footfall by selecting store visits as an objective. Besides, you can micro-target the audience based on your requirements.

If you are providing car rental services, then Facebook app install ads are best for you. You can increase your app downloads and get more customers by highlighting the benefits of your services.

Here is an image of the different objectives offered by Facebook. Have a look:


Learn more about choosing the right campaign objective here. To know how to create Facebook ads, this is important.

Step 2: Choose your audience

Facebook has an amazing micro-targeting feature. This feature allows you to target customers based on age, location, and other details. You can choose the demographics, behavior, and interests of your target customers. The answer to the question: how to find your target audience for Facebook ads is in this feature.

You can create your audience by selecting:

  • Location in which you want to run the ad
  • Age groups you want to target
  • The gender you want to sell your product
  • You can also select languages as per your audience

The below image will pop up while you set your target audience:

For instance, If you provide coaching services then you can promote your courses in the nearby locality or pin code by using the location targeting option. Besides, the custom audience will allow you to populate the students which you are looking for based on their interests, age, behavior, and more. Now you know how to find your target audience for Facebook ads.

Step 3: Decide where you want to run your ad

In this step, you can select the place where you want your ad to appear.

We advise choosing the Automatic Placements option in case you are new to Facebook ads. This option will automatically place your ad where it is likely to get the best outcomes.

Once you have gained some experience you can place your ad across different devices, platforms, and placements.

For instance, if you are a real estate agent and want to showcase different properties to your customers: you can run your ads on mobile devices on Facebook, Instagram, Audience network, and/or Messenger. And for placements, you can select from various options such as stories, feeds, in-stream, or messages.

Have a look at the image below to understand this better. It’ll also help you understand how to make Facebook ads that are efficient.

Step 4: Set budget for your ad

Next comes deciding how much money you want to invest in your Facebook ad campaign. You can enter a daily or lifetime budget and the time period when you want to run your ads.

You can also see the pre-estimated results when you set your budget. Initially, you will have to keep experimenting with the budget you set. Also, keeping an eye on your campaign budget is necessary.

Once you run multiple ads you will have a better idea while setting up your ad spend.

Step 5: Pick ad format

In this step, you will have to select from the six versatile ad formats. These ad formats are designed to work on every device and connection speed.

You can select from a single image or video for your ad, or use a roomier, multiple images format as per your needs.

Types of Facebook ads:

  • Image ads
  • Video ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Slideshow ads
  • Canvas ads
  • Dynamic product ads

For example, if you have an automobile showroom and want to promote your business online, then you can try these different kinds of ad formats and analyze what works for you the best.

You can make a video describing the attractive features of the car and promote it. You can also use a single image or carousel ads to encourage customers to book a test drive.

Step 6: Place your order

You will have to submit your ad which goes to Facebook’s ad auction. Once your ad is approved it can get you the right people you want.

Step 7: Measure and manage your ad campaign

When your ad is running, you can track and measure its performance using Ads Manager. Observe if one version of your ad is performing better than another, or your ad is being delivered efficiently. You can make the changes and adjustments accordingly.

You can also do an A/B split test by running two or more ads under one ad set. This allows you to identify the better-performing campaign.

When ads get rejected and updated Facebook ads 2021 guidelines

Once you have created and submitted your ad, it goes for approval. There are two main reasons due to which your ad can be rejected.

  1. You are not following the Facebook Ad policy guidelines
  2. You are not following the text, objective, and image specifications as per Facebook.

You can visit Facebook Ad Policy Guidelines for more details..

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